Ottawa Real Estate Market Snapshot October 2022


The October 2022 Ottawa Real Estate Board Stats are out!

Market Snapshot: With a big decrease in the number of units sold for October buyers now have more selection and time to shop. However, the interest rate increases may have affected some purchasing power. Whether you’re buying or selling keeping a long-term perspective is important.

If you’re considering a move we’re here to help answer any questions you have, in this market you’ll want a qualified, professional real estate company to protect your interests. Message us anytime!




BIG vs. Smaller Real Estate Firms: Why We’re Ottawa’s #1

BIG vs. Small-Scale Real Estate Firms: Why Team Realty is Ottawa’s #1. 


Real estate transactions are some of the biggest and most significant financial decisions you will ever make. Whether you are buying, selling, or using real estate as an investment, ensuring you have the backing of a brokerage with tenured experience at hand is a huge advantage. As part of Royal LePage, which can be traced back to 1913, Team Realty holds extensive brand recognition and for decades has delivered the highest level of service to home buyers and sellers in the region. 


Rooted and intertwined throughout the city and its various communities, Royal LePage Team Realty is a staple in Ottawa real estate. With a large team of distinguished brokers, agents, and support staff working together for you, their knowledge is more than just today’s real estate market and current trends – they know where the city started, how it’s grown, what is happening now, and what future developments look like. The intimate relationship between our full-service TEAM and the city of Ottawa is bonded together.


But how does our brokerage stand apart from boutique brokerages in the area, and why does going BIG make the difference in your real estate experience? Read on as we break down the main points that set our TEAM apart from small-scale firms.

Large Support Team

With multiple people working together, there is more time to focus on our clients so that they can receive the highest level of service possible and get the most out of their experience. We are a full-service team of brokers, agents, and administrative staff with extensive industry knowledge and experience, working together as a well run operational team to deliver quality with every transaction. While our agents are working on the front lines, the management and administrative team are hard at work behind the scenes handling paperwork and scheduling showings and other appointments to ensure efficiency from beginning to end. 


Non-Competing Brokers and Managers

As a large, reputable brokerage, our team consists of non-competing broker managers. Many smaller brokerages have their broker of record and managers selling real estate, essentially doing double duty. With bigger firms like Team Realty, these roles are in support of the agent and their client, allowing more time for a personalized real estate experience and an error-free transaction.


Reputation and Brand Recognition

Team Realty has massive brand-recognition as part of the Royal LePage network, and carries a positive reputation in the city. As a sizable brokerage with far-reaching capabilities and extensive promotion ability, listings can be seen and considered by many sets of eyes, many times a day. Smaller boutique brokerages don’t have nearly the same budget to work with, as they likely don’t have a corporate body backing them financially. 

Continued Education and In-House Training

Additionally, unlike smaller brokerages, our team is able to cite an extensive history of collective efficiency. Royal LePage agents receive frequent in-house training, allowing us to deliver quantifiably effective results. We’ve been ranked the *Undisputed  #1 real estate firm in Ottawa in terms of dollar volume generated and number of unit sales every year since 2005, and continue to shoot for the stars. This is because we’re adept at using our vast network to solve and prevent unnecessary roadblocks, streamlining your real estate process. 


Wide Selection of Agents

Smaller brokerages may come with many additional fees, creating a budgeting headache. Their selection of agents and brokers is more slim, leaving little room for expertise in niche markets like luxury homes, older homes, or fixer-uppers. Our broad selection of agents to choose from can help you narrow down what you’re looking for in terms of experience, languages spoken and much more to streamline your process. When you choose Team Realty, you’re choosing this same standard of quality, reliability and commitment as those before you.


Although smaller boutique brokerages carry their own set of independent strengths and have earned themselves a place in the market, Royal LePage Team Realty has proven to be of the highest quality in the national capital region for decades. Real estate decisions are some of the most significant financial choices you’ll ever make, so we suggest putting your trust into the hands of history, experience and unparalleled success. Call us today, we are happy to get you started on your next journey in real estate. 



*Based on the Ottawa Real Estate Board, Royal LePage Team realty, Brokerage has been number one for both dollar volume generated and the highest number of unit sales for each consecutive year from 2005 to present.


Is a Condominium Right for You?

Is a Condominium Right for You?


Sometimes, the maintenance requirements of a detached home can seem like a lot. After all, taking care of a whole property requires frequent attention, dedicated time, and effort. On the other hand, an apartment can seem cramped or urbanized for your liking.


Have you considered a condominium? It may be just what you’re looking for.


You’ll have less maintenance, and repairs to do.


With a detached home, you’ll likely have a ton of maintenance responsibilities to take care of regularly. This can be a lot of work, take a lot of time and require some tedious budgeting. — and many people find this to be tiring. 


If you were to live in a condominium, complexes generally hire employees to trim, prune, wash and/or clear anything that may need attention. This leaves less on your plate to remember while providing many of the same benefits as a property that’s been well cared for.


In many cases, condominiums will cover repairs for the exterior of your unit if anything stops working properly. This differs based on the complex though.


They often include additional features and amenities.


Condominiums often have additional features and amenities, including pools, hot tubs, saunas, games rooms, and social spaces. This can allow you to unwind using features and appliances that you may not otherwise be able to afford, or for which you may not have space. If you’re retired or have a young family, features like these may be incredibly appealing.


Complexes generally feature enhanced security.


You’ll find that condominium complexes are often very well-protected by security systems and hired employees. That way, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are safe and sound.


You have a say in what happens with your complex.


Generally, each condominium complex has an association that looks over large-scale repairs, the direction of future upgrades, and much more. Each unit in the condominium has a say in the decisions made, and in some cases, you can eventually become part of the board of directors. You often won’t have a voice like this in detached suburban or urban neighborhoods.


There’s often a strong sense of community.


Because there are so many people living in such a condensed space, you’ll often find yourself running into the same people. Whether it be through the social spaces and amenities offered by the complex or just in passing on the sidewalk, you’re almost sure to discover a tightly-knit community of people with similar interests.


Any more questions?


If you have any further questions about condominiums, don’t hesitate to reach out! There’s plenty to choose from in the national capital region and we’d be happy to help you.


Beyond the Sign: 3 common real estate concerns in Ottawa

The changing real estate market is making national headlines often, but here in the Ottawa area our situation is unique. The problems we hear about in the news don’t necessarily reflect our local market, so I sat down with Jason Ralph, Broker of Record and President of Royal LePage Team Realty, to learn more about Ottawa’s current real estate situation.

“There are three main areas that we need to understand when it comes to real estate in Ottawa at the moment: supply issues, the seller’s market, and interest rates,” Jason says.

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CityNews: Ottawa housing market sees slight rise in average home prices year-over-year

CityNews: Ottawa housing market sees slight rise in average home prices year-over-year – According to the Royal LePage House Price Survey released October 13, the aggregate price of a home in Ottawa increased 2.7 per cent year-over-year to $744,500 in the third quarter of 2022.

Although the housing market has slowed over the past few months, the average price of a home in the capital increased compared to this time last year.

According to the Royal LePage House Price Survey released on Oct. 13, the aggregate price of a home in Ottawa increased 2.7 per cent year-over-year to $744,500 in the third quarter of 2022. However, on a quarterly basis, the aggregate price of a home in the city decreased 7.0 per cent.

“Despite softening home prices over the summer, Ottawa’s fall real estate market is trending towards more stable conditions as new inventory becomes available,” said Jason Ralph, broker of record, Royal LePage Team Realty. “We continue to see strong buyer demand in the region – even if lower than last year’s historical highs – and not enough supply to fully shift to a balanced market.”

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Beyond the Sign: Inheriting property the smart way

Beyond the Sign: Inheriting property the smart way – It can be difficult to know what to do with an inherited property. Whether you choose to keep it or sell it is often a complicated emotional and financial decision.

Jason Ralph, Broker of Record for Royal LePage Team Realty, gives some valuable advice about dealing with a property inheritance.

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Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement Renovation Ideas


If you’re thinking about finishing your basement, it can be a great way to upgrade the functionality of your home while still getting a decent return on investment down the road. In this blog, we’ll cover a few creative directions that can take your basement to the next level as a part of your living space.


Theatre Room


If you’re looking for a fun way to revamp your basement, consider adding a home theatre. Immerse yourself in movies, cheer on your favourite sports teams, or binge whatever series has left you wanting more.


In terms of budget, it all depends on how immersive you want your home theatre experience to be. It could be decorated from top to bottom with recliner seats, movie memorabilia, and luxury upgrades, or simply a dark room with a few comfy chairs and a large projector screen. Consider layouts with many individual seats or longer extended couches for social gatherings. The possibilities are endless and what’s in store is completely up to you!


Games Room


Another fun way to use your space is by creating a games room. Add a pool table, dart board, arcade machine, mini-bar, or whatever else fits your style and budget. Depending on what you add, game rooms can become rather expensive, so keep that in mind if you’re operating under a lower budget.


Home Bar


A home bar and lounge area can be a great addition to any home. It adds a living space that can be used for social gatherings, family get-togethers, or celebratory occasions.


Indoor Gym


An indoor gym can carry great functional purposes while potentially saving you some money in the long run. Gym memberships can get expensive over time, and this way you’re only paying for the equipment you’ll want or need. You can start small and slowly upgrade your gym as you go — avoiding large immediate costs like those needed to build a home bar, for example.


Indoor Home Garden


This renovation can be a great way to take your gardening hobby indoors, especially during the colder months. Not to mention, indoor plants can increase the air quality in your basement where it can sometimes struggle. Because this often requires a damp or humid environment, make sure to take precautions against mold and mildew.


Rental Apartment


If you’re looking for a good way to get a solid return on investment, consider renovating the space into a rental apartment. This way, the rent paid by the tenant can go towards recouping the costs of the finished basement. Rent payments can help you with mortgage payments and other finances, but do keep in mind that there are many major responsibilities associated with being a landlord.


Multipurpose / Storage Space


Of course, if you’re just looking to freshen up the space with a nice floor and finished walls, that’s always a great choice. You can always use it as storage space and decide its purpose down the road. The endless possibilities of a multipurpose space can also make your home look more appealing when it’s time to sell.


No matter what you choose, we hope you enjoy it!


Although the number of possibilities for a finished basement is vast, we hope that this article can serve as inspiration — and we hope you enjoy your new space!

If you have any questions about buying, selling, or anything about the Ottawa real estate market, feel free to reach out and we’ll be glad to help.


Ottawa – The Best From West to East

Ottawa – The Best From West to East


Ottawa is a vastly diverse cultural landscape with much to do and plenty to see. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of our favourite spots in each end of the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to settle down, or simply an afternoon adventure, you’re sure to find something to love in each and every corner of the national capital region. Ottawa is unique in that it spans quite far in either direction, these are just a few of the highlights, if any of these spark your interest, check out more on our community pages.


West Ottawa


Although west Ottawa is most well-known for its suburban neighbourhoods like Kanata and Stittsville, it’s also home to a vibrant agricultural community and several quickly-expanding rural towns to explore. If you’re looking for a unique day trip or a quiet place to settle down, west Ottawa may be a great candidate.


If you’re looking to settle down, west Ottawa can provide you with a variety of job opportunities in a wide range of industries. It’s a safe place filled with schools, parks and nature trails to be discovered, making it an amazing choice for young families and retirees alike.


Enjoy a refreshing beverage at one of west Ottawa’s renowned breweries!



Enjoy an afternoon at one of west Ottawa’s many golf clubs!



Experience some of west Ottawa’s many attractions!



East Ottawa


East Ottawa has a strong French influence, allowing many French-Canadians and people from other French-speaking parts of the world to connect on a cultural level. Like west Ottawa, the east is also a vibrant hotspot for both small and larger-scale businesses, access to nature and thriving suburban communities.


Enjoy east Ottawa’s great outdoors!

  • Green’s Creek – A lovely outdoor spot. Features a great sledding hill during the winter!
  • Mer Bleue Bog – A great spot for a nature walk in Ottawa’s protected green space.


See the sights!



Stop and have a bite to eat!


  • Fritomania – Enjoy some of the city’s most well-renowned poutine.
  • Stray Dog Brewing Co. – Stop for some food and refreshments at this popular brewery!
  • Schnitzelworks – Try some of the best schnitzel in town. Open most days until 4PM.


Go out and explore!


Although these are some locations we’d highly recommend, there is much more for you to enjoy no matter where you find yourself. If you’re looking to know more about the vibrant communities that span the region, you can learn more by clicking here. If you’re looking to make the move and settle down in Ottawa, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Ottawa Real Estate Market Snapshot September 2022


The September 2022 Ottawa Real Estate Board Stats are out!

Market Snapshot: As interest rates climb buyers in Ottawa are taking a step back while keeping a close watch on price trends. An increase in listings compared to last month and this time last year means more options for those who continue their hunt for the perfect property match.

If you’re considering a move we’re here to help answer any questions you have, in this market you’ll want a qualified, professional real estate company to protect your interests. Message us anytime!




New Home Tips for a Growing Family

New Home Tips for a Growing Family


As a growing family, you’re likely going to find yourself looking for a new home. This can lead to a lot of questions about what, where and why. In this blog, we summarize some important factors that should be considered when choosing a family home.


What should you look for in a property?


Find a suitable play space for the kids.


When it comes to your home, you’re going to want to make sure that it has a suitable play space for your children. Ideally, this would be an indoor space for toys and an outdoor space to run around.


Find a home with a suitable layout.


During the hunting phase, you’re going to need to compare and contrast many home layouts. Ideally, you want your children’s rooms to be closeby to yours in case they need you at nighttime. An open-concept kitchen is also a useful feature, as it can be a great space for conversation in the mornings and evenings.


Look for high-quality flooring.


As a growing family, you’re bound to have countless unavoidable messes. This is why it’s ideal to find a home with durable flooring. Don’t let this be a be-all-end-all factor though, as carpeting can always be removed or cleaned for a price.


What should you look for in a neighbourhood?


Find a neighbourhood with nearby schools.


If you’re moving to a new neighbourhood, you should try to look for a home that’s somewhat close to a couple of schools. That way, you’re a short drive away in case your little ones need you to pick them up or drop them off in a pinch. You also wouldn’t want to create a longer than necessary bus ride for them in the mornings and evenings, as school can be quite tiring for some kids as it stands.


Living close to the school will also likely place you closer to other families with kids the same age as yours. This can be a great way for you and your children to get out and meet potentially life-long friends, opening the door to other extra-curricular activities like organized sports and summer camps.


Try to find a home with nearby parks.


Nearby parks are a useful amenity to look for in a new neighbourhood. Not only are they a great spot for family walks, picnics and other outdoor activities, but many neighbourhood parks also feature playgrounds which can pose as another great way for you and your kids to meet new people. Parks can also become an excellent outlet if your family chooses to adopt an animal with exercise needs, like a dog.


Search for homes near a variety of amenities.


A bigger family means more groceries, appointments, practices, get-togethers… you name it. This is why it’s important to have businesses, services and other amenities within somewhat close proximity, as it’ll shorten your daily drive and eventually give your kids somewhere to hang out when they’re older.


Find a safe neighbourhood.


Make sure that you choose a neighbourhood where it’s safe for your children to play, eventually unsupervised as they get older.


Which of these neighbourhoods is right for you?


Check out some of Ottawa’s amazing communities on our website to learn more about their local amenities to help narrow your search. From there, you’ll be able to view listings, average prices and more.

We hope you find a home you’ll love!

No matter the home you choose, you’re sure to make lasting memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. If you don’t know where to start, we have countless agents with extensive knowledge of the Ottawa area. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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