Protect Your Home From Winter Damage

Protect Your Home From Winter Damage


We can agree, for the most part, that the wintertime is beautiful. As the seasons change, our world becomes blanketed in a snowy landscape covered in festive lights and other seasonal decor. Although it’s a gorgeous time of year, the winter cold, snow and ice are not only hard on us living beings, but also our homes. This is why it’s important to do your best to care for your property this winter, both indoors and outdoors. In this blog, we’ll cover some common sources of winter damage and how to prevent them this season.


Exterior Maintenance


You’re going to want to make certain that you keep your property well-maintained throughout the winter. Not only for the sake of your outdoor spaces, but also for the inside of your home. If any trees, shrubs or other greenery on your property have long or hanging branches close to the structure, they could become covered in ice and pose a hazard. If a stray gust of wind were to pick one up, it could easily damage a window or leave dents and scuff marks on your walls. Not to mention, it’s common for weaker branches to snap and break during the colder months, so look for anything that could be dangerous and make sure to trim them before too long. 


Detach and store any hoses connected to your home, and make sure to turn them off for the season. Water left in the pipes could freeze and cause damage internally, even the non-freeze hose bibs have been known to freeze. Any damaged pipes can cause flooding and other problems beyond the pipes themselves. For this same reason, make sure that your eavestroughing, gutters and drainage systems are clear of snow, ice and other debris,  otherwise, they could become blocked and create flooding during a storm or a big melt.


Keep your driveway and walkways well-salted or covered in sand, not only to prevent slipping and sliding, but also to prevent packed snow and ice from building up and creating a hazard in the longer term.


Interior Maintenance


Before we’re too far into the winter months, you’re going to want to have your furnace, fireplace and other heating systems inspected. With the time you’ll be spending gathered indoors, these systems are going to come under heavy use. Make sure they’re working properly, as large-scale malfunctions could lead to heat loss or fire hazards in extreme circumstances. 


Look around your home for any cracks or gaps in the caulking that surrounds your windows and  doors. Any small breaks could be letting cold air in and making your heating system work much harder, racking up a hefty energy bill over time. Make sure your home is well-insulated — not only to keep the heat in, but also to prevent ice buildup on your roof.  Allowing heat to rise through the attic can cause the snow on the roof surface to melt and re-freeze, potentially causing damage and small floods inside your attic or top floor.


Keep a keen eye out for any mould growth. Mould prefers growing in warm, dark and humid environments. To remove any mould you may find, consider purchasing a chemical mould remover, or try following an online guide to create one yourself with ingredients found around the home. Remember to wear protective clothing and face protection when dealing with any toxic substances, such as mould.


Any questions?


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Looking to sell? We have a vast network of experienced professionals to help you keep your home in tip-top shape until you close.


Beyond the Sign: Team support means strength in numbers

Houses are bought and sold all the time in the Ottawa area, but have you ever thought of what goes into a successful real estate transaction?

The REALTORS® at Royal LePage Team Realty work diligently with the support of their leadership team to make sure that every transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

“We have a management team that is extremely knowledgeable. They each have a passion, not only for our company, but for organized real estate in general. They serve on professional standards boards, government relations committees, and they’ve been presidents of organizations,” says Jason Ralph, Broker of Record and President of Royal LePage Team Realty. “The amount they give back, not only to our company and agents, but to the profession as a whole is incredibly generous and incredibly heartfelt. We can’t thank them enough for their service.”

Read full CityNews article here.


What Could be Lowering the Value of Your Home?

What Could be Lowering the Value of Your Home?


If you’re looking to sell your current home, you’re going to want to receive the highest value you can from the eventual sale. There are many elements of your home that could be increasing the value, but there are also equally many factors that could be lowering it. In this blog, we’ll go over some of those factors and how to prevent or overcome them.


Location, location, location.


Location is arguably the most important factor when it comes to the value of any home. Where you are can be a deterrent for many reasons, including lack of nearby businesses, services, activities, trails or parks. Long commutes anywhere generally aren’t desirable, so your proximity to other communities will matter. On the flip side, being too close to something or somewhere, such as a convenience store / gas station or a highway, can lower your home and property value. Understand whether the nearby schools are highly-rated, as most families that could be looking at your home will prefer a high quality of education. Also keep an eye open for any nearby foreclosures in your area. The circumstances of a foreclosure can vary, but they can be an immediate red flag for anyone looking in and around your neighborhood.


Your home is out of date.


It may be the case that your home has become out of date, either functionally or stylistically. If your budget permits, try to upgrade or install at least one or two features in and around your home. You can generally get significant ROI (return on investment) from upgrading your kitchen or bathrooms. If you feel your backyard could use a boost in functionality or personality, consider installing a deck or another outdoor structure to create a more appealing space. Be careful not to upgrade your home too much, as a visible mismatch between the inside and outside of your home may deter possible buyers. If your home has too many outdated stylistic features like stippled ceilings or carpeted floors, this can also deter buyers from giving your home a chance, as they imagine having to conduct the renovations themselves.


Your home could use a good cleaning.


A little elbow grease can go a long way to improving the saleability of your home. A clean home generally indicates a well-maintained home. Don’t be afraid to move some of the furniture to get into those hard to reach areas, they can stand out the most when buyers are having a look around. Unclean windows are definitely a turn off for buyers who are trying to look through them to the view beyond. 


Your property and/or the exterior of your home are not well-maintained.


Don’t neglect your curb appeal in favour of your interior spaces, as curb appeal can be a very important factor when it comes to the value of your home. Make sure to put a focus on outdoor property maintenance while you’re looking to sell, as a well-maintained property indicates an equally well-maintained home. Your front yard and entryway are most people’s first impression, both online and in person. Avoid a bland or barren front porch and make sure that your home stands out visually. If your property is already well-maintained and decorated, consider the exterior features of your home such as doors, windows, roofs and walls. Over time, they’ve likely developed wear and tear, prompting a refinishing, reinstalling or simply repainting of the surfaces. Taking these measures will motivate more potential buyers to look further into your listing, possibly reaching out and/or making an offer.


Any questions?


If you have any further questions about selling, or would like to schedule an appraisal, feel free to reach out and let us know!


Low-Budget, High-Impact Home Updates

Low-Budget, High-Impact Home Updates


If you’re looking for a low-budget, high-impact home upgrade or renovation, there are luckily quite a few that can give your home a boost in terms of decor and functionality. In this blog, we’ll cover a few quick renovation tricks for a variety of rooms and spaces in and around your home. No matter whether you’re selling your home or staying for a while, we’d recommend adding at least one of these upgrades to your “to-do” list this year.


Kitchen Upgrades


Kitchen upgrades are a great choice because there’s so much to choose from. When you’re assessing your options, consider both functional upgrades and decor-centric ones. They can both be incredibly beneficial in the long-term because of how frequently you’ll spend time in space, and how often you’ll use the appliances. 


If you’re looking for something simple, try adding a backsplash or a fresh coat of paint. You can also play around with adding smaller indoor plants and low-maintenance succulents to freshen the look and feel of the space. Countertops would be a mid-range update, but are very impactful on the overall look of the kitchen. For something a bit more large-scale, consider modifying or updating your kitchen storage. If your home has an eat-in kitchen, consider replacing the table and/or chairs with something more modern or stylized. You can play with the idea of different shapes and sizes to fit your dining needs.


Living Space Upgrades


Most low-budget, high-impact updates for your living spaces are decor-centric, as purchasing a bunch of new furniture can add up and become very expensive. This is why we would recommend looking at what’s available in terms of used or recycled furniture, just in case you’re able to find something that fits your stylistic needs for a reasonable price. 


As with any room in your home, a fresh coat of paint can drastically change the overall look and feel. In addition, try adding some matching throw pillows or blankets to your couches and chairs to tie everything together. These spaces could also likely benefit from indoor plants. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to fit your decor, all while improving overall air quality. If you don’t have time to take care of them, consider faux plants or other low-maintenance options, such as succulents. 


If you’re looking to add more space, try hanging a mirror on a relatively empty wall to make the room feel much larger. Mirrors can come in many shapes and sizes with different frames to perfectly match your decor. Taking down a non load-bearing wall can also increase space, but you must plan carefully as it can become very expensive if any complications present themselves. Consider electrical and plumbing components inside the walls, ceiling and flooring repairs before settling on this option.


Bathroom Upgrades


Bathroom upgrades give you some added versatility since there are often multiple bathrooms in your home. As with other spaces in your home, consider a fresh coat of paint or a change in colour. Also consider adding plants to your bathrooms that benefit from high moisture, especially in your master bathroom or bathrooms that feature a shower. Try implementing stylized rugs or mats to add some diversity to the floor. If you can, find towels that complement them and tie the room together.




If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have a vast network of qualified experts to help you achieve your real estate goals.


Ottawa Real Estate Market Snapshot November 2022

RLP Stats Snapshot
RLP Stats Snapshot

The November 2022 Ottawa Real Estate Board Stats are out!

Market Snapshot: Ottawa sales continued to slow in November, a reflection of what’s happening across the country. The post-pandemic economy as well as a natural cooling for the time of year have officially balanced the market.
If you’re considering a move we’re here to help answer any questions you have, in this market you’ll want a qualified, professional real estate company to protect your interests. Message us anytime!




Preparing your Home for Sale

Preparing your Home for Sale


Getting your home ready to hit the market is a critical step in a successful sale. You want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward. In this blog, we’re going to cover a few quick tips and tricks to make sure your house is one to remember.


What should you be doing?


First, make sure to depersonalize your spaces. This is because you want prospective buyers to imagine their own living space, rather than feeling like they’ve intruded on yours. Then, declutter your home and rearrange furniture to create more space for visitors to relax and explore. Decorate your home so that it highlights the unique features and selling points which others of the same vintage or in the same area may not have.


Lighting is a crucial step when you prepare for an open house. Making your home brighter can be a great way to show off your kitchen, foyer or other communal spaces in your home. Consider replacing your lighting or adding lamps to darker rooms. Draw back curtains, blinds and take measures to brighten your spaces to make them feel more inviting and welcoming. If there are any spaces that could benefit from natural light, let it in.

Make sure your outdoor spaces have been maintained as well as possible, measures being different depending on the season. During the warmer months, make sure to keep your lawn cut, trees trimmed and your gardens pruned. During the colder months, remember to salt your driveway and walkways frequently to keep visitors safe. Also make sure to create an inviting front porch to attract more potential buyers and welcome them to your home.


What shouldn’t you be doing?


Don’t leave a mess! Any dust, stains or other small messes can leave a bad impression on your guests. Don’t leave anything personal like documents, medications or fragile items sitting on shelves or behind cupboard doors. Guests sometimes like to open cabinets and drawers to see how much space they provide.


Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about preparing your home for sale, feel free to reach out and ask away! We’ll be happy to help you with your needs.


Starter Tips for Getting into House Flipping

Starter Tips for Getting into House Flipping


Flipping houses isn’t easy.


Flipping a house can be a great project to take on if you’re looking to generate some additional income. Not only that, but planning and executing a flip can be quite a fun experience for you and any others involved. In this blog, we’re going to guide you through some important tips, tricks and best practices to make note of along the way.


Please keep in mind that flipping a house will take time, money and effort. It’s a significant responsibility, so make sure that you carefully assess whether or not you can fully commit to the process.




In the planning phase, you’re going to want to keep an open mind as to what is available. Keep an eye out for terms like “fixer-upper”, “priced to sell” and “as-is condition”, as those are the ones that could use the most love. In fact, we would recommend looking at those first, as they are usually cheaper and can likely give you a good return on investment from your renovations. If you’re looking at different neighbourhoods, try to choose one with plans for outward expansion, as the value of your property could rise.


You’re going to want to make sure to contact the experts. Hire an inspector to give you a rundown of what needs to be done, and create a “to-do” list of sorts. Consult a qualified real estate agent and inform them of your goals so that your needs can be met at every stage of the process. Check for any energy inefficiencies that can be fixed with an upgrade.




When you’re creating a budget, you’re going to want to be very conservative with your spendings. Make sure to leave a bit of buffer room for any unforeseen expenses or repairs that may need to be done along the way. Consider taking on this task with friends, family or others who could lend a helping hand for part of the profit in return. Also consider reaching out to a contractor or developer to do most of your large-scale work, as they will sometimes give you a discount in return for a guaranteed source of revenue.


Each house is different, which is why it’s important to create a list of priorities and order of operations. Which rooms need renovating first? Are there any appliances that should be replaced before winter time? Also consider that you’ll need to furnish the house in order to sell, so remember to keep a list of anything that comes to mind along the way in terms of decor.


What to Avoid


Remember that you’re looking to buy one of the cheaper houses available. It’s crucial to avoid spending too much on a property you’re looking to flip, as that can be an easy way to lose out on significant profit. Also remember that a lot of profit can be gained or lost during the negotiation stage.


If possible, try to avoid taking your time with planning and execution. Remember to be deadline-focused and intentional with your decision making. The real estate market can shift suddenly and drastically, so you want to seal the deal before you face any potential loss in your profit margins. On the flip side, though, don’t rush with your decision making. Have patience. Don’t buy the first house that sticks out to you, and consider many offers when it’s time to sell.


Any questions?

If you have any further questions about flipping houses, feel free to reach out and contact us! We have plenty of experience with the Ottawa real estate market, and a vast network of experienced professionals who can help you achieve your goals, including inspections and more!


The Dos and Don’ts of Home Staging

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Staging


Staging your home involves a lot of planning and preparation. After all, you want to make sure your home is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers, both online and in person. Luckily, there are quite a few tips, tricks and best practices that can help you achieve this goal. But do be careful, as there are also things you should avoid during the staging process.


The Dos


Do – Focus on your curb appeal.


Your curb appeal has a substantial effect on your home staging. Not only is it potential buyers’ first impression when they browse online, but it’s also the first sight they’ll see upon arriving at a showing or an open house. This is a golden opportunity to wow them, so make sure you put some effort into planning out gardening, decor and any other prep that needs to be done before guests arrive, or photography is taken.


Do – Have professional photography done.


Not only does your home need to look nice, it also needs to be captured well. It’s important that you hire experienced professional photographers, as they’re properly educated on effective practices and precise techniques that will undoubtedly make your home shine. They’re often equipped with thousands of dollars worth of professional instruments like drones and high-resolution cameras which can achieve wonders inside and outside of your home. Lucky for you – most realtors will handle this on your behalf.


Do – Brighten up your home.


It’s important that you do what you can to brighten your home before showing it or having any photography taken. Draw back any curtains or blinds you have and make sure that your lighting appliances have fresh, bright bulbs screwed in. Also consider applying a fresh coat of paint, as the existing coat has likely faded and become dull over time.


The Don’ts


Don’t – Clutter your spaces.


Try to keep your spaces decluttered. This involves storing (or sometimes, discarding) much of your home decor during the staging process. If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start, try removing one piece at a time. Keep things simple so that it’s easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Make sure any visitors have room to explore the home without moving anything out of the way.


Don’t – Personalize your home.


On a similar note to the previous point, you should always try to separate your personal touch from the decor. On the other hand, try to avoid a look that’s too dull and simplistic, as it may take away from the coziness of your home.


Don’t – Decorate seasonally.


If you choose to decorate your home seasonally, any listing photos you have done can become quickly outdated. Let’s say, for example, that you have a rough season and your home doesn’t sell right away. Potential buyers may assume that there’s something keeping others from making an offer, considering how long it’s been on the market.


Allow us to help you along the way!


If you have any other questions about home staging, feel free to reach out and ask away! We have a vast network of industry professionals to help make your real estate goals a reality.


Beyond the Sign: Royal LePage Team Realty pledges $20,000 to match donations to Harmony House

Everyone deserves to live without the fear of violence. For women and their kids who are trying to leave an abusive home and start fresh, the transition can be incredibly difficult. Here in Ottawa, there are a number of shelters that help, including Harmony House.

Harmony House is Ottawa’s only transitional 2nd stage shelter for women and children. They help families by providing medium-term housing and support services that allow women and their kids the chance for a fresh start after leaving a dangerous home environment.

This year, Royal LePage Team Realty has pledged a matching donation for Harmony House throughout the month of November.

Read full article here


Now that you’ve moved in, what’s next?

Now that you’ve moved in, what’s next? – Congratulations on the big move! No matter if this is your first home or one of many, it takes a lot to plan and prepare for the big day. Now that you’re all settled in, what’s next? In this blog, we’ll cover some fun ideas for next steps with your new place.


Explore the area!


You’ve probably moved to a new area of town. While you’ve likely done some exploring before your move, it’s always a great idea to take a walk around your neighbourhood and the surrounding areas to familiarize yourself. Chances are there are some nearby parks and nature trails that could be a great new spot for an afternoon stroll.


Consider a fresh coat of paint!


Your new home could always use a fresh coat of paint. The previous owners likely had a very different approach to their home decor, so consider trying a colour that’s newer and more to your liking. Even if you’re not looking to change things up, you would be surprised how much a fresh coat of the same shade can brighten up the space.


Use the new space!


If you’ve upsized at all, it’s likely that your home has a lot more space to work with. If you’ve got an extra room in your new home, consider renovating it and assigning it a purpose. Consider a home gym to avoid expensive memberships, a home office to tackle nagging responsibilities or a games room to entertain guests.


Think about knocking down a wall!


If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home in the form of an upgrade, consider knocking down a wall to open up the space. This may sound extreme, but it would surprise you how much it can do to connect your living spaces to the rest of your home. Make sure to consult an expert beforehand to make sure that you won’t do any damage to the structure of your home.


Consider buying a tree!


Buying a tree can be a great way to improve the look and feel of your property. Not only that, it’s a great way to commemorate your move. Down the road, you’ll be able to look at it and reflect on the memories that have been made since. Just make sure you’re adhering to the city’s rules and regulations.


Plan out a garden renovation!


It’s likely that the previous owners had a different approach with their garden than you’d like for yours. This is the perfect time to plan out a garden renovation. Choose new flowers and plan which will go where. Purchase any garden ornaments you’ll want, like small statues or above-ground pots. Add patches of mulch to the corners of your lawn and resize others. 


Try finishing your new basement!


This may not be applicable to your home, but if your basement has not been finished, there are plenty of directions you can take your renovations and upgrades.


Enjoy the new place!


All in all, we hope you enjoy the new place. Have fun exploring your new neighbourhood!

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